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June 14, 2010

Detroit Lions on the Rise: 10-6 this Season?

Lions Roar Once More

by Alan Meranda

Some pundit out there thinks the Lions will go 3-13. The Patriots game could be an upset game for the Lions.

Minnesota is expecting Favre back, but this isn’t the same Lions defense anymore. A lot of pundits are picking the Lions fourth in the conference. I think the Lions will make Chicago their bitch this season. 12-4 will take the conference this year. This is going to sound like crazy talk, but I think the Lions could go 10-6. But the bad thing is four of those losses will be in the conference.

The other thing intriguing about the Lion’s schedule is that the Giants, Vikings, Packers and Patriots are the only true defensive monsters the Lions play this year. If I am Suh and the Lions defensive line, I think there could be a badly thrashed Manning by the end of the game with the Giants.

The NFL has maybe 6-8 quarterbacks that are difficult to deal with defensively and the Lions have six games against them. If Favre doesn’t return that means four games. I like those odds. Besides our running game doesn’t put the ball on the turf.

One of the interesting things to note is that with all of the Lions player changes so far this season, it makes sense towards becoming a better Lions team.

Many of the teams in the NFL this year have had players retire and the players added to those rosters for those positions have yet to be proven. Lions are in the same boat, yet the Lions have been playing in tough times a long time, other teams can’t say that and will have a tough time adapting.


June 10, 2010


Which USC booster Paid for that "Cuban Stogie" Reggie?

The NCAA needs to inflict forfeits on the USC college football program in their regular season and any bowl games. The NCAA also needs to remove the Heisman awards from both Matt Leinart, 2004 and Reggie Bush, 2005. Anything less means nothing! This needs to be done not in the spirit of good sportsmanship but  in the spirit of great sportsmanship! The treacherous audacity of the USC football program and how their antics have poisoned college athletics and college football needs to be corrected.

Does this mean that the “Sweater Vest” in Columbus, Ohio will be fleeing to the NFL after next season?

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