Seven Degrees of Participation

Media Noises

Social Networking Thoughts

by Alan Meranda

How is Social Media supposed to work? First you need to understand some principals about what is taking place. When you are a member of a Social Media Network:  think of it as being in a family. When you hit a home run in a little league baseball game, mama tells her sister, who tells her husband who then mentions it to his neighbor. Your direct contact, mama, linked it to one of her direct contacts, her sister, who in turn told her husband, another direct contact and then he shared it with a neighbor. Now multiply that same concept with the idea that each direct contact has 25 people linked directly to them. That’s a huge number of contacts that have potential to see the intended message.

Intended message has a lot to do with another principal of Social Media Network, Branding, or Personal Branding. In order for these communications to be meaningful, one needs to identify themselves within 120 characters with an ideal that exemplifies what makes them different from all others. The 120 characters need to be thought of as a single sentence that uses direct words with ideas that are true to your being. A simple powerful statement will be recollected by those that see it and can associate that concept to something that they know of.

Here’s a real life example. My friend Lisa on her Facebook page mentioned she found a bookstore that she felt she could spend hours in. Because of that posting, I responded to her about a bookstore near where I live that I felt the same way about. Both of us now have a chance to explore things we enjoy that we might not have been aware of otherwise. But our conversations were not just specific to the two of us, hundreds if not thousands saw the conversation and potentially will visit both of those places. This is the power of a Social Media Network presence.

How in-depth you approach a presence with the ideals of Social Media is dependent on the time you can share. Think of it as a single page of information with many different ideas about the things you participate in. By sharing, you reach people that feel the same way that you do. That’s a huge win with Social Growth being the by-product. Making these associations grow in number galvanizes positive meaningful social qualities. Think of it as freedom beyond the bounds of a singular value but a value shared by the many. Nobody is running the show, its there when you participate or if you don’t. But the truth is when more participate the substance is far more significant and prolific in scope and understanding.


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